Payments Information

Payments Information

At Allgold Coins we know that you want to be sure your payments are safe and secure. We use a number of secure and well known payment providers and platforms so you know your money is safe from the moment you send and from wherever you send in the world.

Payment Method Limits

PayPal - Maximum Order value £5,000.00

Credit / Debit Card - Maximum Order value £10,000.00

Bank Transfer - Maximum Order value £100,000.00

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Credit Card / Debit Card Payments

Opayo, formally Sagepay provides our credit / debit card payments gateway, we accept most major cards, however we are unable to accept American Express or JBC via this gateway. All processing is carried out on secure servers between your card issuer and our card receiver Lloyds Cardnet using the Opayo platform. Upon payment of your order you will receive an onscreen message stating that payment has been successful, and that your order has been placed with us. Your payment undergoes further fraud protection validation after your payment has been sent to us, and we reserve the right to return or void any payment which fails this process. The fraud prevention rules are in place to protect you the customer and us the retailer. If your card fails this process upon payment, it may simply be that your card is one which is not accepted. In this instance we provide further payment options below.

Secure Payments made via Paypal.

Paypal is one of the worlds leading payment providers, it allows for easy, fast and secure payments to be made from almost any country in the world. With PayPal Express you are not required to have an active PayPal account, and you may pay with a number of cards such as American Express, JCB, Visa and Mastercard, along with the option to login into your account and transfer directly from your Papal balance or from your bank account. Subject to Paypal terms and conditions all payments made via this system are eligible for full buyer protection. Once payment is sent to us we will need to accept that payment so you may see payment pending on your PayPal account. We normally accept all payments within 24hrs, we reserve the right to return any payments which are not eligible for full buyer/seller protection.

Wise formally known as 'TransferWise' fast and cost effective money transfer service.

Wise formally known as 'TransferWise' is a money transfer service which makes local and international bank transfers quick and easy. Wise prides itself on fee transparency, unlike some banks you see charges and currency conversion rates upfront before you make your payment. Wise supports users to send and receive money from a list of 22 currencies. Users can also send money in another 27 currencies via local transfers.

Wise is a well-established financial company that is in compliance with financial regulations in all of the countries (more than 170) that it operates, including the US and UK. Financial agencies in these countries have strict standards that protect users and their money.