Investing in Gold

Investments Gold Coins, Ingots and Bars 

Investing in gold sounds like a very complicated subject, but in the last 10 years it has become as simple as buying a pint of milk. although of course it is a bit dearer. Coins or bars can be bought online and delivered securely to your door in next to no time, and in varying denominations to suit every budget.

Between 2002 and 2015 gold had tripled its value, but golds main objective is to be a wealth protector, it can but does not exist as such as a short term turnaround profit maker, the main goal with precious metals is to protect the value of your money against inflation and devaluation. So if you compare where gold was 10 years ago compared to the cost of the humble loaf of bread, to where gold is today and the cost of bread, the ratio should be very nearly equal.

Gold is a great way to store money for the long term if you wish to protect it against market forces, but of course sometimes you need access to that money, and of course gold is always readily changeable back into pounds shillings and pence.any dealer, investment specialist or even high street jeweller will buy gold, but of course when you come to sell you do want to shop around for the best premium, and also if you are looking at using part of your investment as a rainy day fund of sorts, it may be worth holding some of your physical gold in smaller units as if you have a 100g bar, but only need to cash out 1oz of gold, you would end up taking more out than required.

Gold coins are a favourite of many gold bullion investors as they are normerly in the form of sovereigns or krugerrands, and these are internationally recognised as gold coinage. they offer physical gold holdings with something to appreciate at the same time with many sovereigns existing from the victorian, edwardian and Geroge v periods. Bullion sovereigns for example exist in 4 denominations, Half, full, double and 5Sovereign. think of this a bit like banknotes going from £5 being the half sovereign to £50 being the 5pound Sovereign. other coins also exist similiar to the sovereign and Krugerrand, internationally there is demand for american buffalo and eagle coins, Chinese panda, Austrian philharmonics, and Australian nuggets.

Also there is the option to look at bars, and when you say bars most people think of massive gold bars in a vault tucked away, and these do exist, but these london delivery bars are at the far end of the scale containing a huge 400oz of AU. The bars we talk about are from 1 gram up to 250g, larger sizes can always be obtained, but the larger the bar, the more tricky it becomes to safely store and move and even to sell it on. 1oz gold bullion ingots are very popular as they are .9999 fineness and of a small size similar to a gold coin like a panda.

As you can imagine there is a lot that can be said and spoken about when it comes to investment gold, and all that really matters is what you want to get from it at the end, be it to save money up for a deposit, money for retirement, or something to hand to your children when they turn 18 or 21, whatever the need, gold is a useful way to store money but certainly something that should never be rushed into.