HM Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Coins

Her Majesty the Queen's Platinum Jubilee Coins

2022 marks Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II 'Platinum Jubilee' year, no other reigning monarch in history has reached this monumental milestone. Princess Elizabeth became Queen upon the death of her father King George VI on February 6th 1952 while on a tour of Kenya that she undertook in place of her unwell father.

The Royal Mint have produced some wonderful and highly sought after coins to celebrate her majesties 70 years as our Queen. The coins feature works from Royal Mint heraldic artist Timothy Noad famed for his 2002 and 2005 sovereign designs, to John Bergdahl's jubilee portrait of queen on horseback and royal coat of arms with royal mantle reverse inspired by the coins of William IV. 


2022 Platinum Jubilee Gold Proof £5 'Crown' 

The design of the £5 Crown is by renowned artist John Bergdahl who has worked on a number of previous Royal Mint coins including the Mary Rose, Magna Carta, Battle of Hastings (£2) and Alfred the Great, and Henry VIII (£5).

The obverse portrait design is inspired by the 1953 coronation crown created by Gilbert Ledward RA and features Her Majesty on horseback in the uniform of the Horse Guards with the addition of the royal garter taken from the Royal Coat of Arms.

The reverse features a beautiful decorative design inspired by the royal mantle of the William IV coinage, and denotes the robe, worn by Her Majesty at the coronation in 1953 and as the obverse the design is also by John Bergdahl centralised quartered shield of the Royal Arms with The edge inscription reading : SERVE YOU ALL THE DAYS OF MY LIFE. Celebrating 2022 Her Majesty The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

The £5 crown has been released in the following guises, Cupro-Nickel, .925 Silver Proof. .925 Silver Proof Piedfort (Double thickness and weight), 22.6ct (.916) Gold Proof and 999.5 Platinum Proof Piedfort. In addition there is also a 2oz Proof .999 Silver version of the crown design, but it should be noted that this coin has a milled edge and does not carry the edge inscription. 


2022 Platinum Jubilee 50p

The platinum Jubilee 50p coins carry the the platinum jubilee obverse portrait by John Bergdahl, with a reverse that features a bold, graphical design to denote 70yrs of the queens reign created by the design agency Osborne Ross, with the letters EIIR and dates 1952-2022 under a crown.

The 50p has been released in the following versions, Cupro Nickel, .925 Proof Silver, .925 Proof Silver Piedfort (Double thickness and weight), 22.6ct (.916) Gold Proof and 999.5 Proof Platinum Proof. In addition a number of 2 coin sets have been created containing the annual set versions with the Jody Clark obverse and Platinum Jubilee editions with the John Bergdahl Queen on Horseback portrait. 

The Larger Coins of the Platinum Jubilee Collection

In addition to the £5 and 50p designs, the Royal Mint have added a number of larger coins and denominations to the platinum jubilee collection. the 1/4oz gold proof '£25' coin, and 2oz gold proof '£200' coin, and 1oz '£100' Platinum versions carry the design of the £5 crown although as with the silver 2oz coin they have milled edges.

All coins larger than 2oz carry an alternative reverse design again by John Bergdahl, described as elegant floral symbols in the rococo style surround Her Majesty The Queen’s personal insignia 'EIIR'. These include the 5oz,10oz and 1kilo 999.9 Fine Silver Versions and 5oz .999 Proof Gold versions. Two denominations not on general sale to the public, are the 10oz '£500' and 1 Kilo '£1000' Gold Proof coins. denominations not on general sale to the public, are the 10oz '£500' and 1 Kilo

All coins are accompanied by a booklet which explores previous jubilee celebrations and features an introduction by Professor Kate Williams. 

2022 Queen Elizabeth II 'Platinum Jubilee' Gold Proof Sovereigns

The British sovereign is a mainstay of collectors all over the world, each new offering is eagerly awaited, but none more so then the 2022 platinum jubilee sovereigns. Launched by the Royal Mint at 9am on Monday 15th November 2021, visitors to the Royal Mint website were placed in queue 4500 people long just to gain access to the site and when they did finally get to the sovereigns most were disappointed as he Mint had totally sold out of all coins and sets long before.
As is now customary to celebrate a jubilee a special design was called for, and who better than renowned Royal Mint sculptor Timothy Noad famed for his one off designs of the 2002 and 2005 sovereigns to add another to his previous exquisite designs. The obverse features the 5th portrait of Queen Elizabeth by Jody Clark, but replacing the normal St George & Dragon reverse is a fantastic reworking of the Royal Coat of Arms. 
2022 Queen Elizabeth II 5 Coin 'Platinum Jubilee' Gold Proof Sovereign Set
2022 Platinum Jubilee design sovereigns are available in the following guises - 
PROOF VERSIONS, Five coin set includes, Quintuple, Double, Full, Half and Quarter sovereigns - Four coin set includes, Double, Full, Half and Quarter sovereigns -  Three coin set includes, Full, Half and Quarter sovereigns - Separate issues Full Sovereign - Half Sovereign.
BULLION VERSIONSFull Sovereign - Half Sovereign.- Quarter Sovereign
There will also be a matt finish strike on the day sovereign of same design issued on the day of the Jubilee itself 6th February 2022, and we suspect a Quintuple 'BU' sovereign will also be made available at some point this year. We will continue to add new offerings to this page as coins are released over the coming year.
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