1937 George VI Gold Proof 4 coin Coronation Specimen Set

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1937 George VI Gold Proof 4 coin Coronation Specimen Set - £19,995

The set shown is one of the highest grade examples we have seen. Each coin is shown in the highest possible detail so that the sheer quality of these examples. We are unlikely to see a better example of this very sought after set.
Upon the abdication of Edward, King George VI assumed the thrown in 1937 and 5001 proof coronation specimen sets were produced, containing the half Sovereign - five pound coin, all were plain edged. Although the proof sovereign is often seen for sale on its own, they were in fact only available as part of the specimen set. 
Each coin shows a right facing King designed by Humphrey Paget with the initials H.P. in field just below the truncation.
Set Contents
Half Sovereign - Weight 3.99 grams Contains 0.12 of 1 Troy Oz Gold
Sovereign - Weight 7.98 grams Contains 0.24 of 1 Troy Oz Gold
Double Sovereign - Weight 14.96 grams Contains 0.47 of 1 Troy Oz Gold
£5 Sovereign - Weight 39.9 grams Contains 1.17 of Troy Oz Gold

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