Investing in Gold

Investment Gold Coins, Ingots and Bars 

Investing in gold is easier today than it has ever been, whether you want collectors coins or just a good delivery ingot or bar, It seems there are no shortage of those offering to sell, be that on the internet from online shopping portals such as eBay or advertisements on the TV offering commemorative coins from such places as Vanuatu to the Isle of Man.

If you have found this page it is likely you are looking to invest for the future or for a short term home for your money in a world currently ravished by the Corona Virus and geopolitical tensions. You could of course be an avid coin collector wishing to add gold coins to your collection. Whatever your reasons we are here to help provide some useful information.

Gold Bars/Ingots and Rounds.

Although primarily gold coin dealers, we are able to source a wide range of precious metals including silver, platinum, and gold. You can see a range of product types on our Gold Bullion Bars and Ingots information page. The smallest official gold bar you can purchase is a tiny 1g ingot and if new are normally supplied set in a card like a credit card which also acts as its certificate of authenticity with serial number which should match that of the ingot. Older or pre-owned ingots may well have long since been separated from their original paper certificate, but should be clearly marked with a serial number and maker such as 'Suisse' or 'Metalor'. We would always advise obtaining the original certificate when purchasing larger ingots and bars. As you will see on our bullion page, metals are supplied in 3 main forms, 'rounds' these are struck in a similar manner to a coin, and would normally be for sizes of 1/4 oz to maybe 5 oz, with the most common round being the 1oz.

The remaining 2 forms are 'bars/ingot' and of course bullion coins. Bars and ingots can either be pressed into shape or cast by the pouring of molten gold into a mould to make the desired size. Pressed bars/ingots are easier and quicker to manufacture for sizes up to 100 ounces, although we can also source cast bars from  50g (1.75oz). Cast or poured bars are favoured for sizes of 100oz and above including the iconic 400oz bars stored in bank vaults and featured in all the best movies. The value today of a 400oz bar with gold currently at a all time high price of £1550 per troy ounce is in the region of £620,000.


Gold Bullion Coins

Gold bullion coins are a favourite of many physical gold investors as they are normally in the form of British Sovereigns, South African Krugerrands, American Eagles, and even more exotic coinage from the Australian Nugget to the Chinese Panda. Some of which have become collectable in their own right over the years and substantial premiums over gold value will need to be paid for coins such as the Panda. Please see our extensive store section on World Bullion Coins.

As with any purchase of gold bullion the price you will be asked to pay will normally be set against the daily gold fix. This is set twice a day by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) at 10.30 and 15.00 GMT. Due to the volatile nature of the gold price, we do not offer a fixed price for bullion coins, instead we provide the best price possible based on availability and quantity required by the customer at time of purchase.