Celebrating 50yrs of Mr Men & Little Miss

The Royal Mint celebrate 50 years of Mr Men and Little Miss.

The Royal Mint is excited to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Mr. Men Little Miss with a three-coin series dedicated to Roger Hargreaves’ beloved collection of colourful characters. Featuring Mr. Happy, Mr. Strong, Little Miss Giggles and Little Miss Sunshine.

The first coin in the series features Mr Happy, one of the original characters created by author Roger Hargreaves, the 3 coin series reverse designs come from the illustration's of Rogers son Alan Hargreaves.

The coin themselves will be issued throughout 2021, the coins will be available in 3 versions, BU uncirculated £5, Proof Silver, £1, and coloured £2, as well as the Proof Gold quarter ounce £25, and one ounce £100 coins. 


The iconic Mr Men. and Little Miss, need no introduction, entertaining children the world over since the first book release in 1971. The series by English born author Roger Hargreaves features characters such as Mr Tickle, Mr Nosy, Mr Messy, and Mr Bump, The Mr Men were joined by the Little Miss series in 1981 with characters such as, Little Miss Bossy, Little Miss Naughty, and Little Miss Neat.
Each book in the original series introduces a new title character, each with their own trait and personality, the story lines are written to convey a simple moral message to the reader. To date there are approximately 90 Mr Men and Little Miss characters with more being added annually. The books have sold over 100 million copies worldwide, with a number of TV productions, the original which ran from 1974 - 1978 was narrated by Arthur Lowe of Dads Army fame. In January 2015, Fox Animation confirmed that it had acquired the film rights to the Mr. Men Little Miss characters.
The stories are set in a fictional universe called "Misterland", which is inhabited by the Mr. Men and Little Misses themselves, as well as some ordinary human characters such as shopkeepers, doctors and postmen. There are also various animals and Walter the Worm appears frequently.
Roger Hargreaves, took inspiration for the very first book, Mr Tickle, from his son Adam, who asked his father what a 'Tickle' looked like, Roger responded with a round, orange figure with long, bendy arms. The first Little Miss in the series launched in 1981 was Little Miss Bossy, and although Roger Hargreaves died in 1988 the franchise continued as popular as ever when it passed to Adam Hargreaves, who continues to add characters and books to this date. 

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