3 - 1818 King George III Sovereign (1817-1820)

S.3785 ('Type A' as 1817) : The standard 1818 currency sovereign descending colon, no space between REX and F:D:

1818 examples will not be as easily found by the collector and @fine grades may sell for around double that of a similar grade 1817. The 1818 also appears with type B legend, ascending colon after BRITANNIAR: and space between REX and F:D, the colon now appears slightly below the R and there is now a significant gap between REX and F.D you can see this quite clearly on the 1820 example below. There is a further type B sovereign listed for 1818 exhibiting legend type A but with more defined curls, described by Spink as tighter curls, with the general difficulty of the 1818 this type has to be consider an extremely rare coin. 

Type B ascending colon, space REX - F.D

Type A descending colon, no space REX F.D

Total recorded mintage for 1818 :  2,347,230

King George (1817-1820) - Part 1 

King George (1817-1820) - Part 2

King George (1817-1820) - Part 4

King George (1817-1820) - Part 5

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