Queen Elizabeth II Pre-Decimal Sovereigns 1957-1968 Complete series (10 Sovereigns)

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Queen Elizabeth II Pre-Decimal Sovereigns 1957-1968 Complete series (10 Sovereigns)

No Sovereigns were struck in the years 1960-1962. 

Queen Elizabeth II Sovereigns 1957-1968

The very first sovereigns struck of Queen Elizabeth’s reign were dated 1953 and only a very few were struck in proof form, no currency type coins exist and the proof itself is only held in national collections so it is not one which is expected to come to the market place. I mention this very special coin as its portrait design by Mary Gillick remained exactly the same for the first year of the currency type issue in 1957 but due to changes in the Commonwealth the words BRITT.OMN had been removed from the obverse. So by the time the public got their first look at the sovereign we were already on the 2nd bust. 

Mary Gillick’s second portrait design also known as the pre-decimal head sovereign was produced from 1957-1959 and 1962-1968, 1960-61 do not exist. The 1957 has a finer edge milling often referred to as graining and to simplify means that it has more milling then 1958 onwards. 

Individual Sovereign Specifications

- Struck in 22ct gold
- Weight: 7.98g / Diameter: 22.05mm
- Obverse by Mary Gillick
- Featuring Reverse design of St George & the dragon by Benedetto Pistrucci

Set Specification

- Number of Full Sovereigns: 10
- Fineness: .916
- Total Coin Weight: 79.80g (sovereign weighs can vary 7.96g-8.00g)
- Total Gold Content: 0.234 x 10 = 2.340 Troy ounces

All Queen Elizabeth II pre-decimal sovereigns were struck at the Tower Mint in London, none were struck at overseas mints. The photos shown are examples only, the grade will be about uncirculated, these sovereigns were never intended for circulation, however most will show small bag marks from being bagged in bank vaults for large periods of their life.