Gold Bullion Bars / 1g - 20g (gram) Ingots (Various Brands)

Please - Contact us - if you are interested in this product. Details are provided of specifications and applications only. We supply all Bullion coins, bars and ingots to order priced on the day based on that days London Gold Fix. Payments for Bullion items must be made by Bank Transfer within 3 days, Bullion items are non returnable and contracts are binding.

Gold Bullion Bars / 1g - 20g (gram) Ingots (Various)

Our best value bullion bars/ingots, these maybe pre-owned or new, and maybe from various 'accredited' producers, such as Pamp Suisse / Credit Suisse / Metalor / Perth Mint etc. Photos shown to provide examples only. 

Please see our listings for 'Metalor' bars/ingots if you require guaranteed new or require weights ups to 1 kilo.