Chinese Panda's Fine Gold 1/10th - 1 oz (1982-2015)

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1982-2015 Chinese Panda's Fine .9999 Gold 1/10th - 1 oz.

The Chinese Gold Panda introduced in 1982 has established itself not only as renown bullion coin but also desirable to collectors. The coins obverse feature the Temple of Heaven, while the reverse design which are changed annually feature a depiction of the Chinese Panda.

Panda's are available in weights from 1/20th troy oz to 1 troy oz. Face values of all coins were uprated in 2001, with the Panda adopting a metric gold content from 2016 onward for which we have a different listing.

You will receive coin(s) of our choice depending on available at the time of order. If you are looking for a particular year or proof examples of these coins, please contact us prior to ordering.


Fine Weight: 1 troy/oz
Gross Weight: 31.103g
Diameter: 32.05mm
Fineness: .9999
Face Value (1982-2000) 100 yuan
Face Value (2001-2015) 500 yuan 


Fine Weight: (0.5) 1/2 troy/oz
Gross Weight: 15.5515g
Diameter: 27mm
Fineness: .9999 
Face Value (1982-2000) 50 yuan
Face Value (2001-2015) 200 yuan 


Fine Weight : (0.25) 1/4 troy/oz
Gross Weight: 7.7758 g
Diameter: 21.95mm
Fineness: .9999 
Face Value (1982-2000) 25 yuan
Face Value (2001-2015) 100 yuan 


Fine Weight : (0.10) 1/10th troy/oz
Gross Weight: 3.1103g
Diameter: 17.95mm
Fineness: .9999 
Face Value (1982-2000) 10 yuan
Face Value (2001-2015) 50 yuan