2018 Queen Elizabeth II RAF Centenary 'Spitfire' Gold Proof £2 - Boxed / Coa

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2018 Queen Elizabeth II RAF Centenary 'Spitfire' Gold Proof £2 - Boxed / Coa

When you think of iconic aircraft, the Spitfire will most likely spring to mind. A swift but deadly flying machine, it is one of the most graceful aircraft ever created. So pivotal in the Battle of Britain, the Spitfire will evoke memories for retired pilots and inspire the next generation.

The second coin in the collection celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Royal Air Force and features this marvel of aeronautical engineering. Unusually, the reverse design was created by two artists, brothers Richard and Neil Talbot. Both are contemporary artists who have captured the Spitfire where it is most at home, in the sky, accompanied by two comrades. This edition of the £2 coin has been struck in 22 carat gold and every detail of the design finished to Proof standard. The accompanying booklet has been produced in collaboration with the RAF and includes insights from those who have flown the iconic aircraft.

The special reverse for the £2 coin was created by John Bergdahl FRBS who was inspired by the drawing of her included in the pictorial survey of Henry VIII’s navy compiled in 1546 by an official in the ordnance office. Originally comprising three rolls of vellum, the manuscript features paintings of each of the king's 58 ships, below which are set details of their guns, shot, and related equipment. Several of the illustrations have become familiar, especially that of the Mary Rose, herself already a wreck when the work was presented to the king.

£2 TWO POUND - Dia 28.4mm

Weight 15.98 / Gold content .916/1000 - 14.6435 grams

Struck by the Royal mint : Liantrisant

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